I Wanna Snack..but Don't Know What To Eat...any Ideas?

The best & quickest snack in the world, microwave popcorn.
Want to go healthy how nearly some carrots with some fat free dairy farm crunchy and yummy

Resolved Questions:
What Is The Difference Between Calorie And Calories From Fat?
When you look at the nutrition facts on a food box there is a section where it states calories and calories from oil. Which one do I follow to determine my total calorie count for the day. The calories are the total calories in...

Is Cheese Good?
Depends on your metabolism or if it is a high fat cheese - can give you headache, stomach pain, bloating or diarrhea. Would advise check with nutritionist. Must allow Tesco's extra mature cheese is really good but in moderation.

What Is Sugar Cane?
Fruit?Vegetable?Herb? It is a stout fibrous grass that is rich in sugar, they measure from 2 to 6 meters high-ceilinged. You can go to www.wikipedia.org, and type it in there, it will pocket you to a page that you can read. Hope this helps. I do believe it is...