What Is Ricotta Best Used In?


Ricotta (the Italian word for re-cooked) is not a cheese, but a by-product of other Italian cheeses. It is created by the whey from other cheeses that are combined and re-cooked.

Ricotta is almost exclusive to Italian dishes such as lasagne (it works well in the layers), pizza and minicotta, and is also used in classic Italian cheesecake. It is used as a padding for ravioli and cannelloni.

Ricotta has a grainy texture, but is smooth when it is used in sweet and savoury dishes. Its texture is similar to that of cottage cheese.

Ricotta should be used near haste, which means you should not purchase too much, as it goes chronological its best quickly.

Another type of ricotta cheese is ricotta salata, which has been salted and dried. Is go particularly well when tossed with pasta, adding up a unique texture and flavour. It is salty and tangy when heated, and keeps for around a month if iced well.

Comment: I find ricotta best used in lasagna or manicotti (or stuffed shells) I think it is used contained by cannoli- sweetend of course for dessert.

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