Where Was Ingleside Dairy?

I found a milk bottle from the Ingleside Dairy in Catasauqua, PA. Ingleside Dairy no longer exists. Can you find any information for me?

The origin of the legendary Ingleside dairy date back to the pioneer settlers of Nebraska. They left behind them the evidence and advantages of an elder civilization. However, very sadly, they could not escape the ills that adversely affect humanity. The 'State Lunatic Asylum', in close proximity the city of Lincoln, which was completed in 1870 and in 1885, the Norfolk Hospital for the insane are both proof of the affliction the populace suffered. With the population of the state increasing, the need for another hospital was unavoidable and finally within 1887, the legislature funded $75,000 for the 'State Asylum for the Incurably Insane' at Ingleside, Hastings. A donation of 160 acres of land was sanctioned for the purpose. The land nouns was further increased to 630 acres in time.

Charles C Rittenhouse, the city architect, drew the plans for the building. It was designed to be a three story brick construction, near a tall central tower. In 1891, the north and south annexes were added to the Ingleside building. In 1904, in attendance was the addition of the amusement hall, where on earth dances were held for patients. During this period, a tend cottage and two greenhouses and in 1914 a large dairy barn was added on. Here, a group of Holstein cows were milked each day and hence, the signature.

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