Can I Eat Roquefort, I'm Pregnant?


Unfortunately, I don't think you can. Some cheeses, if eaten when pregnant, can cause listeria, and Roquefort is one of them. This applies to soft cheeses, which become contaminated. Besides Roquefort , feta, brie and camembert can also become contaminated. Listeria is a type of microbes, which if caught when pregant, could cause your baby to get sick or even die.  

If contaminated food is consumed whilst pregnant, the symptoms lift 2 to 30 days to develop and can cause early labor if infection spreads to the baby.

Eat rugged cheeses rather then soft. Cheddar is a good chance. If you do decide to eat soft cheeses whilst pregnant, make sure you cook them until boiling. It is best to devour only pasteurized dairy products.

Other cheeses to avoid during pregnancy are mexican style cheeses, which include queso blanco and queso fresco. Unless it clearly states that they are made from pasteurized milk, then avoid.

If you really wish to munch through cheese during your pregnancy, then all soft non-imported cheeses made with pasteurized milk are locked to eat.

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