Would Drinking A Drink Mixture Consist Of Aloe Vera Plant, Flax Seed And Orange Juice Help Me To Lose Weight?

No, not unless you cut calories and exercise more.  You will be healthier and have better digestion.

Resolved Questions:
What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms?
Err... There's no fat, there probably aren't any pesticides or other bad chemical residues, and you're not predictable to get any bacteria infection from it (as is possible with most meats). Nutritionally, though, mushrooms don't own much to offer except taste/smell.

Why Does My Bread Fall In The Center When Baking?
Collapsed in oven 1. Neglected dough rose more than double during second rising 2. Rising place too warm; weakened or kill yeast

I Want To Brew My Own Beer. Where Could I Find The Hobbes To Do This...
Think may of meant " Hopps" www.midwestsupplies.com