How Do You Know When You Have Done A Good Job? Cite An Example.

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When you know beyond any doubt that you have done all and everything you can do the best of your power.
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I tutor children.  While I do not pressure them, I prepare them with patience.  I know I have done a moral job when that child finally looks up at me, with the most amazing expression...and says  "I GET IT!"   or, another favorite is when they share test score that boast remarkable improvement.
You own done a good job when you were not within some troubles and advices which may result in to firing of your position,for examples you  are in a company whose  busy and the things are in urgent so you must concentrate because the one who asks surrounded by needing so it is in hurry....another examples is the call center,you must be hasty so that to avoid rush in work and avoiding words from customers and you must think positive and be equal.

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