What Is The Addition Of All The Internal Angles Of A Triangle?

         If you add all the angles of a triangle the figure will other stand at 180 degrees as what ever the difference between the internal angles, when ever we accumulate them it will add up to 180 degree. This rule applies for all kind of triangles; be it right angled triangle or triangle having acute or obtuse angle.

         When you delve into the details of a right angled triangle you will find that at lowest possible one of the angles of the triangle must stand at 90 degrees. Acute angle is such that none of the angles of the triangle are equal or more than 90 degrees while the definition of obtuse angle explains that at least one of the angles of the triangle must be more than 90 degree. But when you count the total of all the angles in any of the triangles the figure that you will grasp must be 180 degrees.

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