Can You Tell Me About Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

All and sundry have weaknesses and strengths. Same is the case next to me. Here, I am going to share some of my plus and minus points. Let us discuss plus points first.
I am a strong person by mind. I do what I decide. I don't change my decision. I think very professionally and practically. I see things next to one eye. I give equal importance to education and opportunity. I am studying and doing job at a time. I try to give good time to my household as well. You can say that my family is my first priority.

My denial points are as under: I have weak stamina. I find out of my nerves very fast. I don't understand why I bring furious with unusual things at times. It is okay but it is not that good for my personal affairs at most. I think that my household is my priority but I should develop an equity between work and family because work is also important. Hope these would be helpful to you!
A leading weakness that i have heard heaps times are pressure points.

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