Was I Suspended Or Fired? Am I Eligible For Benefits?

While Working A Number Of Double Even Triple Shifts I Did Something Stupid To Stay Awake, sure Enough Got Called On A Random,I Tested Positive And Informed My Boss. I Never Missed A Day Or Was Late In 14 Months. He said I had to be suspended from duty for 30 days, seek council , a supervised retest, plus 6 more following ,and we'd go from within. 11 days later I got my Check .I returned after 30 days and was told they established my truck was to go to his sons company and I was no longer employed and within would be no 2nd chances.I Was drug free then and remain so.

That's where companies enjoy people by the balls...i don't think there's anything you can do other later ask him if he will give you a good reference when you jump job hunting  .
Comment: Im really sorry to hear that .However i cant say thank you enough for such a prompt reply.My respect to you and adjectives involved.According to what ive been digging up there is a difference in the eyes of the UI surrounded by relation to firing and suspended one gets the shaft the other gets the goods .I be hoping to be the latter prospector.Thanks again I ,m off to job search resumes contained by hand and pockets and gas tank on the empty dot.Any other comments welcome. .Happy Holidays to You and yours ez2xlntx

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