How Can We Manage Time Effectively?

You can manage time effectively by realizing its worth. If you don't do that then you would a short time ago be wasting your time and have lots of unfinished chores on your hands my friend!

You first involve to know how much time you have in a day/week to do things. i am talking in the order of the time when you don't sleep. Now you have to make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish. Then you prioritize those tasks.

Now you want to get down to accomplishing each of those tasks inwardly the amount of time you can afford spending on them. Don't leave anything for later. What has to be done very soon has to be done now.

One thing more, you hold to schedule those tasks for a day that are humanly possible to finish. Do not stuff your routine with a zillion tasks that you will not be accomplish. Make your schedule easy, but not too easy on yourself. It should be of the sort that a common individual should be able to handle it.

Believe me you would feel so right after a few days of prioritizing your chores and achieving them that you would want to stick to this habit for the rest of your life.

Best of Luck!
Comment: great answer!

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