How To Find The Probabilty Of This?

At a New Mexico chile festival, several types of chiles were displayed on a table. There were 50 serrano, 45 jalapeno, 16 anaheim, and 29 chipotle chiles displayed. If Nathan picked up one Chile at jumbled from the table, what is the probability that it would be a jalapeno chili?

To find out the probability given in the question lets start stale by listing what we are given in the question:
  • Serrano= 50
  • Jalapeno=45
  • Anaheim=16
  • Chipotle=29
We firstly obligation to know the total of all the chillies when added together.
Hence for that we would add all of the chillies together:
Hence the probability of picking up Jalapeno chillies would be:

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