Are Layoffs The Sollution Of Efficient Management?

Layoffs are not the solution to much of anything. Layoffs destroy morale, thus productivity. The time spent training the terminated employees is lost, and must be spent again training their replacements when business picks up. Layoffs mean that remaining workers own more to do, so cannot spend their time giving good customer service, inventing process improvements, or developing new products that can improve the revenue of the business.
Comment: What oddman say is absolutely true. High and mid-level managers try their best to do the same amount of work beside, ideally, no people. Practically, the question becomes how much smaller amount of a work force can be tolorated before productivity, quality and supply suffer? Working and receiving no profit is not the bearing to run a business. Once supply suffers, a business will, at best, find it hard to recooperate. It will be merged or go bankrupt. Layoffs are NOT a solution to anything.

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