How Can I Get Started On E Bay?

To get started on eBay just log onto and sign up for your eBay account. Click on the association which reads "Register". After clicking on the register link the registration form will pop-up. Fill up the form with your exact details which include: your actual name, your delivery address, and your user-id and user password. After filling adjectives the information you need to register with the code verification number that will be on display, type it exactly as it is surrounded by the given box. After registering you will receive a message saying that your account has be setup successfully. To start your account you will receive an E-Mail stating that to activate your account you will hold to click on the link given below. After completing all the given instructions, your account will be activate and you can start purchasing and selling merchandise online.

eBay is one of the major online auction sites. It has more than a million users who sell and buy Merchandise online.

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