I Have Started A Cafe Business, But No One Comes In, What Can I Do?

Okay, ask yourself, what is the footfall around your area? Do people obviously and commonly come past your door. If so,  you need to make it as sociable as possible.  You can try certain tricks like giving away free drinks as people leader on their way to work (if you are route to work).  You can also provide a service that delivers drinks and food to local offices at no extra cost.  This might also increase your sale.  This can leave you with lots of space left for the cafe itself too.

Make up some fliers and some takeaway menus next to your phone number on them.  You might get some time wasters, but not compared the possibility of orders.

If you are not on a biggest thoroughfare, you might want to consider moving or you need to develop a reputation so that people will come to you, make what you serve special, catch a story together for the local paper, get people interested surrounded by what you have to sell!

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