What Are The Kinds Of Banks By Ownership?

Following are the kinds of banks by ownership:
Private Bank: This is the bank, which is formed as a private company, which is run by a group individuals, relatives or friends not exceeding 50 in number. Such banks include merchant banks, discounting and accepting houses discounting and accepting refer to those of bills of exchange.

Public Bank: These bank are established under Companies Ordinance 1984 and enjoy public investments. Most of commercial banks are founded as public bank /public Companies. Their minimum number of members is seven.

Nationalized:  These are the ones which originally acted as public company and later were taken up by the command, in Pakistan, in 1974, all central, commercial banks in the private sector were nationalized. These bank equity is 100 percent owned by the government.

Partnership Bank: This type of bank is established under a partnership Act 1932. Partners bring contained by the capital whose minimum number is 2 and maximum number is 10.
Statutory Bank: This category comes into existence under the status of a legislative assembly. In Pakistan its example include State Bank of Pakistan, IDBP, ADBP, PICIC.          &nbs
Charted bank: a dune may be organized as a charted bank which ids formed by the order of the king or queen of a country.

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