Is There Anything Out There That Can Trust Us And Help Us Out?

We have bad credit but we have be trying to work on things. We need 3000k loan to get into an apartment and get food and such... We can rate back. Is there anything out there that can trust us and comfort us out??

Well no one can trust you when you are talking to someone first time online. You must apply for loan from bank or political affairs grants. There are also financial institutions which offer loans for constructing a new apartment or starting a unknown business. Check out the banks and government welfare institutes in your nouns.

Secondly you should work full time and part time to gather enough money to group your needs. The immediate proposal is to apply for loan after reading out terms and conditions of the financial institution.

Comment: Your suggestion nearly extra jobs is so right-on Zu
Answer: If you need a place to live badly, consider pawn or selling items you own to family members or friends. When you go to organization, they will be looking at the size of your family, amount of income, length of employment, and past history.  They have to be concerned if you will be capable of pay the rent and utilities for the next month.  You may be better off staying next to someone and save up your money.

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