If The Company I Work For Is Sold, What Happens To My 401K?

In most cases it will be handled just as though you changed jobs from one company to another.  In other words you will be given the risk of leaving it where it is (if there is ample money in it and the fund is retained), or rolling it into your new 401(k) (if there is one), or rolling into an IRA (if you prefer or if in that is not a 401(k) at the new company), or taking it out. (Do NOT take it out; the penalties and taxes are extremely elevated.)
Yes I agree with Grellis. 401k is just a retirement/stock plan. The company you work for enrolls you in which you can do it yourself short your company's help. Because your company helps payout a certain portion you put surrounded by that's why it's so-call from your workplace. The options Grellis mentioned are good to consider.
Several years back my husband took his out when his company changed its name/new owner. I don't hark back to him paying a penalty but only reporting it when filing our due. He had about less than 5grand(401k) and we compensated tax a little over a thousand something. He hadn't work with the company long that's why it's individual a little ;p

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