In Interviews If They Ask Why My Percentage Has Been Reduced And Why I Had A One Backlog, Can I Tell Them Frankly That I Didn't Study?

Yes, you can tell them that you didn't study but you should have a solid reason for why be you not able to study like it can be your interest in college actions or some job etc.

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If A Person Does Not Have A Good Credit Score But Does Have A Government...
If you can get a good referral that will say you will money rent on time....absolutely. Some places have town houses and apartments to rent , And not all people have great credit They go by if you can receive your payment every month on your rent , They may use any Utility bill that you have such as Gas, Water , Electricity And even someone who you...

Can you contribute me some advantages of nationalization?
General advantages of nationalization Services are affordable often subsidize by the government employment can be provided by the masses.

Is It True That We Will Receiving A Second Stimulus Check?
Apparently not. President Obama's program does not include stimulus checks for individual taxpayers.