Does Love Spells Work?

It is debatable as to whether love spells can actually work or not because magic within itself is not something that is verifiable by science or rational knowledge. All occult base activities are mysterious and magical in that they cannot be empirically tested or observed since they are faith base. However, a principle element playing in magic is to elevate certain sorts of energies, either positive or negative and later using those energies to make prayers to spirits or spiritual entities. It's more an idea of focus and concentrations than following through actual rituals itself.
Yeah they do, I have see people do it against me and people I have be with. The person that does it, even if they allow someone else to do it for them, it always come wager on and you lose the person you put it on, and everything you obtained while with them. Your strength may even go. It is called Karma and it is Rape as in taking something w/o go-ahead and forcing it against its will. It is so wrong, however the person that has done it against me presently, I can see clearly how her life contained by the next few months is going to be. It seems fun in the germ because you get what you want, but slowly but surely, when you are caught up in your invincible moment is when the Gods are coming for their retribution and you better beleive they are claiming adjectives that they have given you!

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