Should Chinese As A Second Language Be Made Compulsory For Ethnic Minority Students In Hong Kong?

Give me some points on supporting this motion.

I would like more information as HK Chinese is not the same as in other parts of China.  I enjoy read that even with a good TV system that there are problems next to different dialects.
   However, If such would come to pass it should start at age 2 because children pick up and think in copious languages faster that adults as the vocabulary can be simple as are the conceptual grasp.
    So which Chinese?  Cantonese with it's 19 tones or Mandrinn ?  What about writing?
  Most are going to enjoy a very difficult time there if they are English speakers.  I have a massively difficult time with chinese charactors yet I can still read military German,some Spanish, Italian & French.
   Polish or a "trade" language such as Esprando would be a better all-inclusive choice. Then business could be conducted with ease.  May I recommend   Jack Vance's  The language of Pao
No, it should not be compulsory. However, it should be importantly recommended and readily offered as an elective.
It depends entirely on the student's situation. Many expats live in Hongkong for a couple of years and then move on. It would be impossible for their child to revise in such a short time, and so a waste of time. But if the child have the opportunity to stay longer, he should take advantage of that opportunity and take up Chinese which will be drastically useful in the near adjectives in business, politics, science, etc.
On the other hand, nothing is categorical. He can still live a happy and useful life never erudition Chinese, music, science, literature...or a thousand other useful things. Therefore nothing should be compulsory. Force-feeding is unhealthy.

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