What Do You Make Of Philip Larkin's Poem 'This Be The Verse'?

In this poem by Philip Larkin, he suggests that your parents mess you up.  It is a very negative poem about the forwards negativity of messing up your children because you are messed up.  I will make an analysis of the poem, but due to copyright restrictions, I cannot reproduce it here.  I will refer to each section as Line 1, Line 2 etc.  If you will to read the poem, a copy of it can be found HERE.

Line 1: The first line suggest that we are messed up by our parents.
Line: 2: This line suggests that they don't tight to mess you up, but they do it nonetheless.
Line: 3:  This line suggests the poet believes that parents pass on their faults to their children and later add a few more for good measure.
Line 4:  The poet suggests surrounded by this line that they were messed up by their parents, and he provides dressing to the imagery by discussing the grandparents surrounded by a little more depth.
Line 5: In this line Larkin continues the theme of the endorsement of misery from generation to generation, although he himself uses the man to man.  He compares it to the deepening of the coastal shelf.
Line 6: He suggests we make tracks this life as quickly or as early as possible and break the cycle by not have any children of our own.

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