How Many Words Can I Make With These Letters: S, H, A, T, T, I, N, G?

Gash, ash, hang, hint, has, stag, stub, sting, gin, nit, nits, it, tin, stain, sang, gain, sag, has, headdress, hats, gnat, tan, hit, gait, hag, nag, tat, at, sat, label.

Resolved Questions:
What Fruit Did We Originate The Word "GRENADE" From?
A 'lil bit of trivia for ya'll...take a Google or a I will guess pomegranite just because it sounds like grenade U get it sweetie! Nassy

What Is The Connection Between The Names Elliot And Elijah?
Elijah is an ancient Hebrew name which means "Yahweh (Jehovah) is God." It is strongly associated with religion, principally Judaism, as it is the name of an Old Testament prophet considered one of the key figures contained by establishing the Jewish religion. As a Christian...

What Does The Surname "Mucedola" Mean?
I would like to know the meaning of our family's name. It is an Italian lastname coming from Puglia region i.e. San Severo home town (all the Mucedola comes from there). It is an ancient loved ones and we are only an 100 family with this ultimate name....