Can You Teach Me How To Do Something About His Training?

My 10-Week Old Puppy Goes On The Floor. He Has Forgotten His Pads. Even Though I Just Spent 1/2 Hour Outside. Puppy potty training help.

Well you need to know this. Dogs are one of the most sensitive animals termed by man. What I know is here should something similar what it has been doing. So what you need to do is sit around and appropriate a day observing what it takes to do. That will help out you discover this. Let me ask do you other dogs that come around or its a house dog. If that is the case then it must hold adopted a character. Keep them off and own a day. There is no need to train, it still knows what to do but try to reintroduce the perform back. Good luck

Depending on how you're training your dog . What kind of tricks do you want to teach him?

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