Are These Signs Of Early Pregnancy In My St Bernard?

I had my Akc St Bernard breed the last week of June first of July. The owner of the male never saw them together, since her coming home 3 weeks ago her nipples are protruding out and her mood is different, she bark at people, doesn't run to the end of the property like she used to ever morning. She doesn't run length like she used to. Sleeps a lot. She loves to be touched more than she did before and have lost some weight. Are these signs of early pregnancy?

These signs can be of early pregnancy but not necessarily. There are few more signs which appear after 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, these are
  1. Early loss of appetite (morning sickness)
  2. Enlargement of nipples
  3. Early loss of substance
  4. Changes in behavior.
Late signs are
  • Increase in appetite
  • Decrease in amusement
  • increase in weight
  • Increase in belly size
Your vet can share you more about pregnancy.

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