Is Animal Testing For Psycology Reasons Good Or Bad?

I am doing a dabate in schoool on animal testing here are the good reasons  At lowest possible now someone has sort of taken control of animal testing and they can use machines or computer programs. I suppose that they might enjoy to test it on us and then a human could die instead of an animal and then perchance the numbers of humans could start to drop. But sometimes it can be a good thing because some people who hold cancer can sometimes get drugs to keep them alive and mabey an animal died for a good judgment. Because the law says any new medication or drugs must be tested on at least 2 animals sometimes they can’t test on computers so they have to theory test on animals personly I think this is unfair. Many things that have be discovered through animal testing also somethings can be good for  animals not just humans. Most animal trialling doesn't hurt the animals in behavior experiments often all that happen is the animal gets a treat in exchange for doing some easy job like pressing a lever.  
Some animals are placed in homes or sanctuaries after the experiments be they are treated with care. I hope this will help you
Not sure animal conducting tests for physco reasons would be necessary, what similarity is there within human brain and animal that would warrant testing of a animal,so my answer is no.....good luck

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