My Staffy Pre Due Soon But All I Was Told Is She Was Matted In Jan She's Really Big NOW On 10th March Was Slimy NOW 11th More Slimy! On 22 Would Be 61 Days Maybe Didn't Get Much Info On To Do?

Dogs are pregnant 69 days, if your not sure when she was bred give her a week or two more,. When a dog breeds it doesn't automatically take the first time, so she could hold been hit more than once in a 14 day length. As long as her discharge isn't black or green she is doing what comes natural.

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Scaring in a few places. Will these scars disappear, because I want him for show. He also has a knotty knob at the top of same ear which is probably a cyst due to it being cut wrong. He...

How Does A Porcupine Protect Itself From Its Enemies?
It uses it's quills for protection. Any animal that touches them will get stuck with the quill which makes it hard for the animal to try to eat it or impair it.

When Will Poptropica's Big Nate's Island Come Out?
I tought it came out today I think it might come in march past break, or even early march:) Feb. 15, 2008 sike 2999 I think Febuary 11 2009 except just check the blog every couple days