My Cat Has Had A Stroke. I Am Feeding Her And Giving Her Water. I Am Wondering How Often She Needs To Use The Bathroom?

I am doing what the vet said to do for my cat but I am worried about how often she needs a litter box.

Is you cat competent to urinate and defecate on her own?  If so I would place her in the litterbox every 6 hours (4 times daily) if possible.  Just before bedtime, when you stir up at about 30-45 after you feed her.  When we eat it stimulates gut movement and increases the urge and quirk to defecate.  
If she is unable to urinate on her own then you will need to express her bladder manually.  Your veterinarian should enjoy demonstrated how to do this.  First you feel for the bladder-it feels like a hose down balloon when full.  Then you apply firm, steady pressure to stimulate urination.  Depending upon the cat this may need to be done every 4-8 hours when needed.
Keep up the good nursing care!

Place her contained by the litter tray every time before you feed or give her dampen.  Hopefully she will then associate using the litter tray with reward of food or treat and it will help her to relearn honourable habits.  If she has a weak bladder at the moment through the stroke, she may entail to go more often than before.

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