My Horse Has Cut Her Leg On Wire But Its Not Bad Just Has Loads Off Cuts, What Shall I Do?

Hydro therapy is the best.  WATER, WATER, WATER!  One of my mares went thru a bob-wire fence & cut her chest nouns wide open, I mean layed the skin posterior.  I hydro-therapy'd her for 2 weeks, 20 min sessions twice a day.  Totally healed up with no defect or hair loss!  Just put a lead rope on her, take her close to the hose & run the water on the area 15 to 20 min twice a day.  Do not spray it, merely let it run over the wounded area.  I have used this dream therapy for over 5 years & it has never failed me.  Good Luck
Comment: A good topical salve & vet rap will also speed up the healing.
Answer: If it does not need stitching just verbs well and bandage to keep out the dirt. Should be fine.
Clean the wounds on a daily basis!! Get some wound powder if you haven't already got some! And apply before you let your horse out to graze x

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