I Have A Four And A Half Month Old German Shepherd Pup. He Has Got A Red Rash On His Lower Belly And Around His Front Legs, Which When It Starts To Itch He Cannot Stop. What Can I Do To Help Him.?

He is most likely allergic to something that is in your patio or that's outside in general. Give him a half of a benedryl. This should create the rash go away and cut down on some of the itching. You can also purchase an itching cream to rub on his belly. This will help him tons!
Itchy skin can be a frustrating problem, instant solutions are not often presented and resolving the problem usually involves a process of investigation. Itchy skin in dogs is most commonly caused by infections beside either bacteria or yeast, infestations by fleas or other parasites or allergies. Allergies can be from contact substances, flea allergies, food allergies or inhaled allergies (atopy). Your vet will do some preliminary test to rule out infections or parasites. If the results are suggestive of allergies it may take some time and more testing to identify the exact bring. In the meantime, your vet can administer medication that will give your pup immediate relief.

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